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We all have a time line, the place where we store our memories and the emotions that go with them.  Some good; happy memories of your first love, the day your baby was born, celebrating a major success.  Then we have the negative ones; your first break up, the first time you were ever angry, the death of someone you loved, guilt over something you believed you did wrong. 


If you were able to remove the emotions that went with the negative memories, would you do it?  Keeping the memories are important but with each event in our lives there is a lesson, something to be learned and it is vital that we keep the lesson.  What is not vital is keeping the emotion that goes with the event. 


The emotion is what is holding us back, keeping us from moving forward and being the best version of ourselves.  Using Time Line Therapy® we can look at the past and remove the negative emotions so that what you are left with is the lesson. 


Time Line Therapy® can take up to 8 hours, broken up into 2 hours sessions, and involves different techniques; hypnosis, NLP techniques and a technique called Releasing Negative Emotions we can release the limiting decisions that are holding you back and the negative emotions that are holding you back.   


You don’t have to be a prisoner of your negative emotions. 

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