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Long Term Awesomeness

If you want to make changes in your life NOW, this VIP day is for you!

What does a VIP day look like?  


We will sped approx. 6 hours together, getting to know each another so I can learn about your limiting beliefs and other obstacles you've been facing. With this information we'll be able get into the nitty gritty of the work we'll do together to get you past your barriers. 


During our sessions we release the negative emotions  and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. They have been impacting your daily life in ways you may not even have known.  By releasing them you easily have more positive and empowering thoughts.    


After your VIP day  you will have a different perspective and it will appear like magic that opportunities are everywhere.  


You will leave feeling completely empowered and ready to take on life and step into your greatness with ease and confidence!  This being the key difference of working with Fiona.


Book your free consultation to see if this VIP day is right for you. 




Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful tools you can use to make BIG changes in your life.

Whether you want to:

- Curb an addiction

- Control pain levels

- Lose weight

- Gain confidence

- Improve sleeping patterns

- Use Hypno-birthing

- Increase your sales and productivity

- Emotional support


Hypnotherapy is a tried, tested and true way of making an impactful and long lasting difference.

Depending on what you need help with, my clients typically get results in 1-5 sessions.

Let's connect first to go over your goals and any questions you may have. I offer free no-pressure consultations, just click the button below to book!

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"Fiona Barr has helped me immensely with confidence and prosperity. I am most thankful when COVID closed down NY, and I was scheduled to perform at Speakers Who Dare. Fiona calmed my nerves and helped me perform a totally new speech over video. She is a gem to work with and I give her my highest recommendation."

- Marc Cordon, Founder of The Joy Revolution

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12 week customized program based off of your unique goals.

We are all different. We've been through different experiences, have different obstacles and barriers that hold us back, and have different goals and dreams for our lives. 

That's why I developed this 12 week coaching program to be completely customizable with all of my services to be able to suit your specific needs accordingly for the best results possible. 

Beyond our 1:1 coaching sessions where we will dive deeper into your limiting beliefs and what else has been holding you back, your program can also include Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation sessions as well.

Book your free consultation to discuss the program and how we can make it work best for you.



Smoking Cessation Program

Everyone has their own reasons for smoking, and for wanting to quit.

That's why this full program is completely customizable to suit your needs for where you're at.

The full program consists of a deep dive into why you smoke, the reasons that keep you smoking, and why you want to become a nonsmoker.  

During your sessions, Fiona will guide you through the complete process of liking that cigarette, to not being able to look or think about one ever again. 


Contact me to book your free consultation, let's discuss how this program can work for you.


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"I was tired of smoking and knew that I wanted to quit. I had already tried cold turkey and Champix but neither worked. So I decided to try hypnosis and after one session with Fiona, I am proud to say I am a non-smoker and have been for the last 71 days and counting.


I also didn't have any side effects like the pills, no jitters or cravings or weight gain! We did the follow up hypnosis session to make it stick,

and I can't be more happier. Thank you Fiona!"


- Alison

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New Beginnings

It's time for new beginnings.  Time to peel back the layers to find your light and let it shine.

An eight week group coaching program for you. This is a program that will help you discover who you are, gain confidence to create the life you desire and find the bright light that is inside of you and let it shine baby.

In the eights weeks we cover our values, get some clarity, release any anger that is holding us back, we tackle anxiety and confidence, find ways to have freedom and of course goal setting.



Letting Go To Receive

A Goal Setting Program that will help you go from an idea, to a clear path and direction so that you can accomplish anything.

Have you had a dream so big that it's too overwhelming or even scary to start? I get that, I've been there before. That's why in this program I will teach you how to create and organize your big audacious goals and develop the proper map and plan for the best path to achieve them.


This self-paced program has 4 progressive steps, each including a recorded hypnosis technique for an added layer of support. Typically, each step takes about 1 week, however I encourage you to go at your own pace.  


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Free Resources!

Some gifts from me to you: Get your free guide, hypnosis, e-book and more.